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The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is located at the GSCM Urban Program & STEM Center at 4806 Seton Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21215.

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Leader Tool Kit
Service Team Toolkit

Online Registration
Online Registration Manual
Instructions for Troop Leaders Registering New Girls/Adults Online
Instructions for Troop Leaders Renewing Girls/Adults Online
Instructions for Parents Registering a Child Online

Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Essentials 2015

Become a Volunteer
Click here to complete online Volunteer Application
03-0323 Volunteer Application Form
02-1761 New Leader Quick Guide
03-0323a Background Check List
03-330 Volunteer Opportunities
00-2010a Adult Registration

Volunteer Position Descriptions
03-115 Service Unit Manager Position Description
03-116 Troop/Group Coordinator Job Description
03-236 Troop/Group Leader/Co Position Description
03-328 Troop/Group Committee Member Position Description
03-329 Troop Group Committee Chairperson Position Description
03-506 Service Unit Membership Registrar Position

Volunteer Training Resources
08-1721 Meet & Greet Outline
08-1722 GSCM New Leader Checklist
08-1466 Training Registration
08-1602 First Aider Registration
08-1423 Adult Development Training Card
08-1730 Troop Camp Exemptions

New Leader Resources
New Leader Guide
Quickstart for Girl Scout Daisy Leaders
Quickstart for Girl Scout Brownie Leaders
Quickstart for Girl Scout Junior Leaders

Volunteer Individual Financial Resources
02-407 Application for Reimbursement Volunteer Expenses
02-1617 Budget Worksheet

Troop Forms

00-2010b Girl Registration
00-2010a Adult Registration Form
00-2010c Membership Dues Form

Troop/Group Resources
02-206 Troop sponsorship Agreement
02-206a Five Steps to Troop Sponsorship
02-207 Permission for Troop Group Money Earning
02-209 Guidelines for Using Troop Funds
02-210 Troop/Group Resources Inventory
02-211 How Families, Friends, Community Can Help
02-218a Troop/Group Finance Report
02-265 Troop/Group Dues Record
02-266 Detailed Cash Record
02-1602 Troop- Group Meeting Planning Sheet
02-1603 Troop-Group Monthly Planner
02-1604 Troop-Group Year Planning Chart
02-1617 Budget Worksheet
02-1758 GSCM Bank Account Information
05-518 Family SHARE Donation Log July2013
04-3121 Troop Group Event Registration
04-3108 Permission to Participate in Sensitive Issues Discussion

Troop & Girl Reports/Record Keeping
02-217 Troop/Group Roster
02-218 Troop-Group Status Report
02-261Girl’s Record
02-264 Troop/Group Attendance Record

Troop Field Trips/Travel
02-002 Parent/Guardian Permission Forms
02-828 Resource Packet for Trips & Travel
03-286 Event Packet

03-386I Council Supported Program Form
03-828 Girl Scout Trip Application
03-828a Girl Scout International/Extended Travel Trip Application
Travel Pathway Group Event Evaluation

Permission & Health History Resources
02-002 Parent/Guardian Permission Form
02-207 Permission for Troop/Group Money Earning
03-302 Minor Photo Release
03-303 Adult Photo Release
02-779 Health History Record

Girl Scout Safety Guidelines
Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints
Individual Safety Activity Checkpoints
All Safety Activity Checkpoints
Updates to the Safety Activity Checkpoints
List of Safety Activity Checkpoint changes 2015
07-127 Incident Accident Report Form
00-600 Crisis Communications Plan
00-600a Emergency Procedures Card (front)
00-600b Emergency Procedures Card (back)

Program Resources

02-1605 Ceremony Chart
04-3119 Bridging from Senior to Ambassador
04-104 Fun Games for Girls to Play
04-328 Songs Girl Scouts Love to Sing

GSCM and GSUSA Program Information
04-3108 Permission to Participate in Sensitive Issues Discussion
00-805  Consistent Interpretation Messages
04-401 Local and National Pen pal Program
04-810 SWAPS
Program Resources – Visit this page to learn more about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Journeys, Badges, and more.
Make Your Own Badge Tipsheet

Volunteer Essentials
04-903 Request for Resources and Materials

Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Patch Packets
04-405 People Just Like You
04-406 We Together
04-407 Your Government In Action
04-412 Harvest for the Hungry Patch Packet
04-501 Many Faces of Food
04-623 Quilting: Maryland Heritage part I and part II
04-666 Chesapeake Bay
04-918 Maryland Heritage
04-1119 Tennis
04-1126 Girl Scout Promise and Law
04-1127 Right to Vote
04-1131 Important Issues
04-1132 My Family Loves Girl Scouting
04-1133 Bring a Friend
04-1138 Hand in Hand Intergeneration Experience
04-1141 Heritage Studies
04-3101 Night Owls
04-3109 Religious Awards Troop Kit
04-3111 Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center Patch Packet
04-3116 Water Drop

Council’s Own
04-3104 Scrapbooking IPA
04-3113 Forestree Try-It
04-3114 Forest Explorer Badge
04-3115 Forester IP
07-1137 Master of the Campfire
04-3120 Energy…It’s Electrifying!
04-3123 Racial Justice

Be a Partner with the World
04-012 WAGGGS
04-012a Our Cabana: Mexico
04-012b Our Chalet
04-012c Pax Lodge: England
04-012d Sangam: India

Girl/Adult Awards

Girl Scout Awards & Leadership Awards
04-629 Girl Scout Gold Award Booklet
04-636 The Girl Scout Silver Award Booklet
04-638 Bronze Award Guide
04-631 Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Leadership Awards
04-632 Community Service Bar Approval
06-200 Phi Strapelli Award Brochure
06-201 Phi Strapelli Award Application and Reference
06-202 Thelma Banks Cox Brochure
06-202a Thelma Banks Cox Troop Application
06-202b Thelma Banks Cox Individual Girl Application
04-268 Scholarships for Girl Scouts

Adult Recognition & Appreciation
06-100 Adult Recognitions Digest
06-104 Thanks Badge and Thanks Badge II

06-116  Appreciation Pin and Black-Eyed Susan
06-117 President’s Award

06-118 Daisy Award
06-119 Volunteer of Excellence
06-120 Honor Pin
Thank you, Thank you

Cookie Program

Girl Scout Cookie Resources
2015 – 2016 Cookie Calendar
Girl Rewards 2015-2016
ABC Bakers
Visit our Girl Scout Cookie Volunteer Resources page for full Girl Scout Cookie Program materials.


Summer Camp 
Camp Confirmation Packet
04-1121 Financial Assistance Application for Girl, Adult or Troop/Group
Preparing for Camp: the Summer Camp Handbook, by Christopher Thurber

Troop Camping
02-002 Parent/Guardian Permission Forms
07-204 Youth Group Pass Application
07-147 Guide to Council Properties
Preparing for Camp: the Summer Camp Handbook, by Christopher Thurber

07-1273 Girl Health Examination Record
04-800 Global Travel Appendix
04-801 Adult Guide to Girl Scout Global Travel
04-802 Girl Scout Travel
04-803 Exploration: Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel

SHARE/ Donation/ finance forms

Giving to Girl Scouts
05-101 Matching Gift Fliers
Find Companies Who Will Match Your Donation

05-015 SHARE Awards Form
05-510 Family SHARE Programs Ideas
05-512 SHARE Resource Manual
05-518 Family SHARE Donation Log

Service Unit

Service Unit Resources
03-201 Request Numeral Guards
03-220 Service Unit/Cluster Financial Information
03-286h Detailed Cash Record
03-322 Task Sheet for Membership Year
03-320 Volunteer Appointment
03-321 Service Team Appointment
03-423 SU Registration Batch Form
03-506 Service Unit Membership Registrar Position
03-701 Meeting Agenda Form
03-1717 Cluster Annual Report
03-1718 Service Unit Annual Report
03-1719 Troop/Group Information for Next Year
03-1762 Service Unit Plan of Work Overview

Service Team Toolkit

Council forms

02-228 Request for Certificate of Insurance
07-127 Incident/Accident Report Form
00-1905 Mutual of Omaha Plan 2
00-1906 Mutual of Omaha Plan 3
00-1960 Mutual of Omaha Plan 3P
00-1961 Mutual of Omaha Plan 3PI

Facility Rentals (Includes Site Requests for Troop Camping/Encampments)
07-100 Request for Waterfront Equipment
07-127 Incident/Accident Report Form
07-147 Guide to Council Properties

Online Surveys/Evaluations
Camp Property Usage Evaluation
Summer Camp Evaluation
Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center Program Evaluation
School Administrator Evaluation
Volunteer Skills Inventory

Brand Resources
GSCM Logo – available upon request.
GSCM Logo Guidelines
Girl Scout Trefoil
Visit our Brand Resources page for more information about Girl Scout brand elements.

00-100 Archives Donation
00-101 Items Loaned to History and Archives

GSCM Governance
00-218 Board and Nominating Referral Form

Staff Online Resources
Microsoft Exchange


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