why volunteer

What did you do today? As a Girl Scout volunteer, you’ll add meaningful days to girls’ lives and to your own. Tackle everything from saving the Chesapeake Bay to supporting our military. Travel to incredible places. Share your personal passions and create experiences together you’ll never forget.

Think being a Girl Scouts volunteer is a full-year commitment? Think again. Schedule tight? No problem. With the development of Girl Scout Pathways – the ways that girls and adults participate in Girl Scouting – there are now several flexible ways for adults like you to get involved by simply matching your expertise, skills, interest, and life experience to the volunteer opportunities available.

We are looking for volunteers who represent the diversity of the world we live in – women, men, senior citizens, college students, young professionals, people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and of course our treasured alumnae – anyone who wants to help make a difference in the lives of girls. Whether you would like to work directly with girls or adult volunteers in support of girls, there is a place for YOU at Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

Ready to make a difference in the life of a girl? Find out how to become a volunteer.


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